Warm White Left – Neutral White Right

GL2B Bollard

Take control of your next lighting project! Easily go from bright white to color. Excellent for outdoor living, festivities, artwork, foliage, water features and holidays.

Tunable White

White selection range is 1650-4000K in 25K increments.


Fixtures have a deep dimming range of 1-100%

Select Hue

Hue adds color. For example green can be added to white.

Select Staturation

Saturation adds gradients of color in increments of 1-100%. A blue with saturation of 25% would be a pale blue while a blue of 100% would be a vibrant blue.

iOS App Control

Use Apple phone app via Blue Tooth to control and group fixtures. 60 ft range typical (iOS 9.0 or later)

DMX Control

Go beyond static color control and animate with DMX control. Requires DMX controller and hardware. Specify DMX when ordering.

Color Monitoring

Light quality is continuously monitored and adjusted if needed.

12 Volt Power

12 Volt dc power source required.

Available Color Control Fixtures

Phoenix Spot
Luxtera Down Light
GL2B Bollard